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We are professional Power Limited Cables(low voltage) manufacturer in Linan City Hangzhou, China.  

We have a a complete industrial chain and mature technology. From raw material to packing, we can control the cost and quality for you. 
At present, we have 4 insulation/Solid PE and Foam PE production line, 3 PVC/PE jacket production line, 81 high speed braiding machines,1 set of lan cable production line, 1 set of DC Power Wire and Security&Alarm Wire and some other equipment.

Our cable have passed ROHS TEST and CE TEST(attached below). Lan cable pass fluke test 100m copper and 89m CCA. Fire alarm cables can pass flame test. And it is acceptable by global clients.

Hangzhou Aite Cable Co.,Ltd.

CCTV Siamese Cable

HOT Products:
RG59+2C, RG6+2C;KX6/ KX7+2Alim;RG174+2C; 3C2V+2C;
8Figure and Common;
Color Customized.

CCTV Security System

Lan cable (Utp/ Ftp Cat5e, cat6)+DC Power Wire (CCA/ BC 0.75MM2, 0.5MM2 ) Widely used in CCTV System.

LAN Cable

UTP/FTP/SFTP CAT5E, CAT6; 2P,4P,16P,25P,50P; 1000ft/Pull box 

Cable Accessary

F- Connector, BNC Connector, Crystal Connector  RJ45 8p8c 

Coaxial Cable

RG6, RG6+M, RG6+2C,RG11, RG11+M, RG59, RG59+2C, 3C2V, 19VATC, RG174

Telephone Cable

2Cores, 4Cores, Flat and Round, with or without Steel Messenger. BC, CCA, CCS Inner Conductor

Security and Alarm Cable

Shield and Unshield 0.22mm Smart home system; FPL, FPLR, PH30, PH120 Fire Resistance.

Mircophone Cable

Speaker cable different cross section  Area mm; Mircrophone cables Customized.

Hangzhou Aite Cable Co.,Ltd.
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Thomas Zhu

Dear clients,

This is Thomas Zhu the international sales manager of Hangzhou Aite Cable Co.,Ltd. We are laboring to develop the overseas market. At precent, we have export our cables to USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Russia, UK, German, Thialand, Indonesia and etc.

Our good quality and low price is accepted by overseas customers.

Welcome to send your inquiry. Let us OEM for you.

Company: Hangzhou Aite Cable Co.,Ltd.

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